Featured Post: Slow Phaser Deluxe Edition OUT NOW!

Nicole’s Slow Phaser Deluxe Edition is out today! Don’t miss out on the 8 amazing live tracks recorded at Detroit’s Masonic Temple Theatre while she was touring with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Follow these links to iTunes, Amazon, or Google and get it now!

Slow Phaser Deluxe Cover Art

Featured Post: XPN Features Nicole in Their New Campaign

XPN in Philadelphia is featuring Nicole in their current ad campaign! You can catch her on billboards, buses, and trains all over Philly. Check out the cool art!


XPN Billboard

XPN Rail King

XPN Bus Ultra Super King


Nicole will be releasing Slow Phaser: Expanded Deluxe Edition digitally on December 2nd. The new edition will include her internationally acclaimed new album as well as a second disc of previously unreleased live material, recorded at Detroit’s Masonic Temple while Nicole was on tour with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds!

Slow Phaser Deluxe Cover Art
Photo by Bleddyn Butcher

XFM Interview Streaming Today!

Nicole did an interview with XFM in the UK! Listen in today between 7 – 10p GMT (3 – 6p EST) at:

if you’re outside the UK just use postal code W112BQ

Radio X Interview in Brussels

Check out the interview Nicole did with Owen at Radio X in Brussels over the weekend! You can listen to the show here.

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The Stone Pony w/ Tangiers Blues Band feat. Danny Clinch
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Monmouth University w/ Mavis Staples
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Landmark on Mainstreet
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Nicole Atkins about_DSC7033_DSC7019

A neon noir tour de force of hi-def late-night pop, Slow Phaser marks Nicole Atkins’ most ingenious and indelibly modern collection to date. Produced by Tore Johannson – with whom she partnered on her now-classic 2007 debut, Neptune City – the album is a milestone for the acclaimed singer/songwriter, her restless creativity fully realized via the addition of some surprising colors to her already diverse paintbox. Songs like the poptastic “Girl You Look Amazing” and the sultry “Red Ropes” positively swirl with day-glo danceability, the bright hues setting Atkins’ distinctive creative voice in a brilliant and undeniable new light. Bittersweet yet life affirming, Slow Phaser is Nicole Atkins at her confident and unpredictable best – spirited, sexy, and determinedly forward thinking.

“I wanted to make something that no one’s ever heard before,” she says, “including myself.”

A charismatic and committed live performer, Atkins followed 2011’s adventurous Mondo Amore with a long year on the road. Upon her return, the New Jersey-based artist began to rethink her overall approach. Atkins went on creative walkabout, visiting various musician friends across the country and starting a productive collaboration with veteran drummer/producer Jim Sclavunos (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, The Cramps, Teenage Jesus & The Jerks). The two clicked immediately, penning three songs on the very first day they set to work.

“Jim really helped me articulate a lot of what I was feeling,” she says. “He helped me make the things I was writing sound more like when I just wrote songs for myself.  He taught me a lot about writing… again.”

Luckily – or perhaps not – she was in Memphis when Hurricane Sandy wreaked its havoc on the Jersey Shore and her familial home.

“It was awful,” she says. “The whole first floor was flooded, we didn’t have power for 18 days. Everything is pretty much back now, but its different. Everybody in the town aged a lot this year.”

As she pondered her next move, fate rang long distance. Hearing of her recent travails, her old producer Tore Johansson – known for his work with Franz Ferdinand, The Cardigans, and many others – invited Atkins to come record at his residential Malmö, Sweden studio.

“He said, ‘As soon as you can get here, get here,’” she says. “It was the perfect double whammy. Here was someone who was going to help me make my record and give me a place to live.”

Atkins packed up two years of songs, poetry, and journals, not to mention the hundreds of beat-based musical ideas stored on her iPhone. With Johansson’s able assistance, she devised a compelling new sonic approach, melding psychedelic energy, prog rock adventurism, after hours disco ambience, and the raw emotional purity of the finest country soul. Atkins stripped her traditional instrumentation to its core – Johansson handled bass duties, joined by The Cardigans’ Lars-Olaf Johansson on guitar, keyboardist Martin Gjerstad, and Asbury Park’s own Sam Bey behind the drum kit – placing considerably more emphasis on electronics than on her previous recordings.

“It sounds large but not cluttered,” she says. “We only used four instruments and tracked everything live. Instead of layering on a bunch of strings and horns and bells, the idea was to try to make everything have such complex melodies that they fit together like a puzzle. Every little bit counts.”

The result is remarkably vivid and varied, with songs like the opening “Who Killed The Moonlight?” blazing with transcendent pop hooks and floor-filling rhythms unlike anything Atkins has done before. She further pushed her songwriting by penning a series of wry, candid songs casting a mordant eye at pretentious boyfriends (“It’s Only Chemistry”), ponderous hipsters (“Cool People”), and the endless highway that is her perpetual home (“Gasoline Bride”). Slow Phaser comes to its poignant emotional close with “The Worst Hangover” – replete with images of shattered disco balls glittering on the storm swept Jersey shoreline – and the sparse, powerful “Above As Below,” which finds our heroine alone at sea, “surrendering to the void, just me, seagulls, and the gods.” A committed believer in the enduring power of the album-as-art form, Atkins embraced a classically tripartite sequencing inspired by Alejandro Jodorowsky’s notorious psychotropic western, El Topo.

“When it starts out, the protagonist is really cocky and sure of himself and makes terrible decisions without thinking about the repercussions,” she says. “In the second part, he has everything taken away and is really put in his place. Then, in the end, he accepts it and tries to find spiritual meaning in order to be a better person.”

Atkins plans to release Slow Phaser on her own Oh’Mercy! Records, an assertion of ownership that embraces her ever fervent fanbase, who helped fund the project through a successful PledgeMusic campaign. In addition, the always ambitious artist plans to indulge her defiantly prog dreams with the most theatrical live performances of her career thus far.

“I’m going to wear a cape and shoot lasers out of my hands,” she says. “Really.”

Inventive and irresistible, Slow Phaser positively radiates with idiosyncrasy and a palpable sense of fully empowered musical discovery.

“It’s taken me a while to figure out who I really am,” Nicole Atkins says. “Musically, and as a person. It’s constantly changing. I’m not just this one character. I’m an artistic person trying to figure shit out.”



Slow Phaser
Track List
1. Who Killed The Moonlight?
2. It's Only Chemistry
4. Cool People
5. We Wait Too Long
6. Red Ropes
7. What Do You Know?
8. Gasoline Bride
9. The Worst Hangover
10. Sin Song
11. Above As Below

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Mondo Amore
Digs Other People's Songs
Neptune City
Track List
2. Together We're Both Alone
4. Cool Enough
6. Love Surreal (Atkins, Tore Johannson, Jens Lindgard, Martin Gjerstad)
8. Brooklyn's on Fire!
9. Kill the Headlights
10. Party's Over

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Bleeding Diamonds EP
Track List
2. Snowshakes
4. War Torn
5. Delora
6. Neptune City (In A Different City Version)

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Who Killed The Moonlight
Animated by Ilinca Höpfner
Girl You Look Amazing
Directed by Laurel Parmet
directed by Mandy Bisesti and Lucia Holm
"Dark Magic in Your Eyes"
MONDO AMORE Vignette 1 - directed by Mandy Bisesti and Lucia Holm
"And What I Wouldn't Do"
MONDO AMORE Vignette 2 - directed by Mandy Bisesti and Lucia Holm
"Metal and Memories"
MONDO AMORE Vignette 3 - directed by Mandy Bisesti and Lucia Holm
Hotel Plaster
directed by Mandy Bisesti and Lucia Holm
My Baby Don't Lie
directed by Mandy Bisesti, Lucia Holm & Joe Jennings
Maybe Tonight
The Way It Is
directed by David Sutton
Neptune City
directed by David Sutton
The Way It Is
on David Letterman
Maybe Tonight
on Later… with Jools Holland
The Tower
for Sideshow Alley
Heavy Boots
at Bonnaroo 2011
My Baby Don't Lie
at the Music Hall of Williamsburg




management: Alan Wolmark at CEC Management

booking (north america): Paul Lohr at New Frontier Touring

booking (UK & Euro): Oliver Ward at The Agency Group

publicity (US): Ken Weinstien at Big Hassle

publicity (UK & Euro): Matt Reynolds at Savage Gringo

record label: Oh’Mercy! Records

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